We are a company dedicated to real estate, education and construction and our primary mission is to educate people financially so that they do not end up being prisoners of a prison that has no cells or bars, repeating the same routine every day.

Currently, we can define ourselves as follows:

✓Two recognized brands on social networks.

✓Two social networks.

✓More than 600,000 followers in less than two years.

✓Presence on Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, and coming soon on YouTube and Spotify.

✓2 books published read by more than 30,000 people in more than 20 countries, and 5 more that are close to publication.

✓Blogs and daily posts on financial education, entrepreneurship, finance, economics and investments.

✓VIP  community members who receive our content frequently in their mail for free. More than 10 pages on Instagram trying to copy our content and books.

it all started with this book in 2018





We are a community made up of people from more than 20 countries that grows more every day.

Our two accounts have two main missions:


With @HowToPlayMonopoly we have the mission of giving you the best financial education of all.


And with @TheUnscriptedClub we have a mission to make you think independently and to start questioning everything that society implants in your mind.

Our accounts in spanish are proof of our commitment to the education of our followers and the value they place on the information we share on a daily basis.


Our content is invaluable internationally



The best financial education content


Every day we reaffirm our commitment to your financial education. With every book, blog, post, course, and gift we share with you, we show you our desire to do something the school refuses to do: educate yourself financially so that you’re not part of the unemployment statistic or, worse, get a job you hate just because no one else taught you that there was another way of doing things. We want to show you that there is another way of doing things. You don’t need to go to college if you don’t want to. You don’t need to get a boring job and work every day for 40 years to build someone else’s business. You don’t need to follow the same routine people follow throughout their lives:

5:30 am – *Get up*

6:30 am – *Sitting in traffic*

7:00 am – *Getting to work*

7:01 am – *Get to work*

5:30 pm – “One day less! It’s only 39 years and 364 days to retire and start enjoying life.”

Freedom or security? The answer to that question will determine what type of education suits you best. If you don’t want to fall into the trap mentioned above, financial education is the education you need.

If you seek the freedom that financial education can give you, you won’t find anyone to teach you and guide you down that path better than we do.