The education system is not meant to help people become smart, but to prevent them from being smart. There is a stupid form of erudition. In addition, in kindergarten to university, it can be a way of being a scholar, a way of being mediocre and another, because education must be repeated. That is the criterion used to judge his intelligence.
That may be the criterion for judging parrot’s memory, but that is not an intelligence criterion. Intelligence is a totally different phenomenon. Intelligence has nothing to do with repetition; in fact, intelligence hates repetition. Intelligence will always try to live life in its own way. Intelligence will always want to do its own things. The intelligence will want to deepen into the mysteries of life without following a series of pre-established formulas or strategies; Intelligence is always original.
Universities do not allow for intelligent people. Exclude the original people; all their effort consists in destroying originality, because original people will always create problems for society. They will not be so easy to manipulate, and it will not be so easy to reduce them to be school employees and teachers; It will not be easy to reduce them to be efficient machines. They will affirm themselves, they will try to live life not according to a pattern, but according to their own understanding.