I love your insight and what you’re teaching! I bought both of your books and they’ll be coming in soon! I was just wondering how do you come up with all these fascinating correlations? Like how the actual president is Rothschild because he controls the flow of money and not Trump. They obviously don’t teach us this kind of information in school, are there books that you read or videos you watch for such insight? Or is it due to years of experience and due dili- gence? Any reply would be great! Thank you for what you’re doing and preaching about life

You should have a Million subscribers. Your content is pure Gold, keep grinding!!!
Lukas heuman

Hey man, I just wanted to say that I love your book “four green houses, one hotel” it is by far one of the best books l’ve read on banking. The shear amount of BS that plagues banking is astounding and I am glad you have written about it. I was also wondering if you’d like a professional audiobook version as well! I believe I have a great voice and would love to work with you. I have no idea if you want this or not, but if you’re interested, I can read you a sample of a few pages of your book and we can talk more, l’d love to start a friendship with you or your team. You definitely know what you’re doing. Thank you for your time!