Four Green Houses… One Red Hotel


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Imagine playing a Monopoly game and trying to win only by collecting the money you get every time you turn the board over. That’s exactly what you do when you only work for a paycheck and do not invest.

With Four Green Houses… One Red Hotel, you will know the truth about debt, taxes, the banking system and many other thing that will help you understand how the system is designed in favor of those who play Monopoly in the real world, and how you can be one of them.


How Commercial banks print money

How the first central bank of the world was born

How the Federal reserve was born

How the credit card fraud Works

The three different methods that a central bank has to create money-debt

The money heist and its Performance

How the income tax lie works

How the global financial crisis has evolved in the last century

How the Economy works after 1971

How the petrodollar spread

The conspiracy against the dollar

How to invest in real estate by cash flow

How to pay little or no taxes investing in real estate

How to refinance properties and get tax free money

How to get An infinite ROI with real estate

Why the rich pay little or no taxes… Legally

How to get various sources of phantom income with real estate

How to print money legally

How to invest through a business

This is an awesome page. Thank you for putting this financial into together. It’s not part of common education to learn these things. Thank you!


Thank you so much for liberating my mind when it comes to finance when it comes to finance keep it up!!


By far the biggest mind opener I’ve come across excellent book my dear financial friend! I follow you on every post brilliant work thank you! I have been unplugged #matrixshit


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