If we follow the life of the average person, with average education, it will look a lot like the following:
The person goes to school, graduates, finds a secure job and soon has some extra money to spend. Now this person can pay the rent of an apartment, buy a television, new clothes, some furniture and of course, a new car. And the accounts begin to arrive. One day, meet someone special, fly sparks, fall in love and get married. For some time life is wonderful because two can live on one’s salary. Now they have two incomes, a single rent to pay and they can set aside a few dollars to buy the dream of all the young couples: their own house. They find the house they dream of, they withdraw the money from the savings account and they use it to give the initial payment of the house and now they have a mortgage. Because they have a new home, they need new furniture, so they find a furniture store that advertises their products with the magic words: “No down payment. Easy monthly payments. ”
Life becomes wonderful and they offer a party for all their friends to know their new home, their new car, their new furniture and their new toys. Now, without realizing it, they are indebted for the rest of their lives. And then the first child arrives.
The average couple, with a university education and a worker, after leaving the child in daycare, they should now work very hard. They have been trapped by the need to have a secure job simply because, on average, they are only three months away from total bankruptcy.
The couple believes that their problem is lack of money, so they work even harder and get an increase or a part-time job. Immediately he earns more money, the following happens: he pays more taxes, he works more, he has less free time and his debts increase. This couple begins to resemble the rats that are seen in stores: no matter how hard they try, they will keep going around and around without ever getting anywhere.
You can listen to these people, as they often say: “I cannot quit my job, I have many bills to pay”, or “I cannot afford it, I have a family to support”.
Working for money is a trap … a trap so subtle that millions of people fall into it every day.